• Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


  1. Download the installer from here: http://min.qa/hcPDT69D
  2. Unzip the zip file into a temporary folder. 
  3. Navigate to the unzip directory location, and run "Setup.exe". 
  4. You will be prompted several times that the author of the application is unknown. Accept and click on "Run Anyways" (under details) to run it. 



Note: The application is installed on your system without any reference to "Giantess" or any fetish related sites. It is completely anonymous. The only thing it will add is a folder called "HeightCompare" to your start menu. 





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dood07 - 16:02

Merci à vous, et bonne année du coup ! Meilleurs voeux à tous :)

Gance - 16:28

Bonne année à tous! :D

De même MLF^^

Boujou les gens. Juste pour vous faire un petit coucou et vous souhaiter une bonne année !!! ;)

dood07 - 16:29

Salut tout le monde ! Oui je vais bien minigest, et toi ? :PUn joyeux Noël à tous !!

minigest93 - 22:03

Hey dood ca va?

Squishboy - 04:26

Bonjour, et au revoir ;)

Pete - 09:37

You are very welcome dood07. :)

dood07 - 08:25

Yay ! You did it! Thank you very much Pete !

Gance - 17:33

Aaaaah :D

Hey !

Squishboy - 23:11

Hi there :)

Pete - 21:22

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Pete - 21:10

Feel free to post quick notes for each other!

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