Well I have to apologyze about all this time I have not post the other parts of the story... well here it go the IV part! 

Kelly was sleeping at the time, her gigantic body laying there with miles of destroyed city under her, we run to her and we already knew what to do, we need to get to her nipples and start sucking up milk so that will make us grow and she will get smaller at the same time and so we did. I was the first to get into Kelly nipple and start sucking up, it was so pleasant, I grew and grew, I was alone with this nipple and the girls were fighting for get some milk from the other nipple, but meanwhile I was reaching the 1 mile height and they didn’t notice that, Kelly was now like 12 miles but she didn’t wake up, after few hours I was bigger than Kelly because I react and catch up the other three girls with my strong giant right arm so they can’t suck more from Kelly nipple and get bigger so I can get all the milk I want alone; I was 8 miles tall and Kelly just 4 miles she was already wake up and the other like 1 mile each. The feeling of being so huge was so exciting, I got so horny I introduce my mega gigantic dick in Kelly’s pussy and fuck her, meanwhile I started moving my hand into my mouth with Caroline in it, I eat her and then without thinking about Kelly that was near to explode cause my dick was growing larger and bigger inside her, after I ate Caroline I ate the other two girls, so I grow so large that even Kelly was very scared about my size… Yes! Yes! Larger! Bigger!,,, 10 miles, 12, 13, 14… 17… still growing… 20… I stopped in the 25 miles mark! I just take out my dick in time before Kelly explode by my dick, she was so tiny, even my dick was bigger than her, she says: “O common Rob, let me suck some growth substance from your dick so I can get a little more bigger and then help me to grow up into your same height! Please! Don’t you want to fuck a 25 miles girlfriend, with city sizes breasts?” That idea was so exciting that I agreed with her and helped her, after few hours and at least thousands of tons of cars, buildings, people, etc... Kelly was just at the same height of me, we saw many helicopters and airplanes around or mega giant bodies, surely the tiny people where trying to figure out how we grew that much and will be their destiny seeing this two mega gigantic people that with each step a mega earthquake take action, well we don’t care to much about them, we just laid down destroying miles and miles of houses and buildings and we started to fuck as wild animals, laughing of what the earth will suffered with our gigantic bodies, her breasts were amazing, her pussy perfect, the sensation of pleasure was extremely great, we were making earthquakes with each movement we make it was fantastic, but then something was no right, my vision was getting darker and darker by the time and after a few minutes I fall out into dream… When I woke up there were Kelly and the other girls looking to me downwards, Kelly said: “After you drink that strange potion you fell down of your chair unconsciously, you were screaming and make sounds of pleasure, surely you were dreaming about having sex with someone…mmm… but something else had happened… hehehe…” and the other girls started laughing too looking at me, I just stand up and look around without noticing that I was just half height of the girls, I was shrink by that potion! Kelly come to me and lifts me up with one hand! That was so embarrassing and I saw like a little of evil in her eyes, that was not so good, she was carrying me to her bedroom and before she entered she tell the other girls not to get inside, strangely the other girls agreed and not complain about what Kelly command, it was very strange. We entered her bedroom and after she closed the door she ripped out my little pants and start sucking my tiny dick, but she says: “Well my love, do not feel scared to see your girlfriend being taller than you.. hehehe… much taller!” she stand up and then I realize why the other girls just obey what she said, she was like 8 feets!, she told me, that after I fell down of my chair she just drunk some of that bottle too feel the sensation to be shrink but it occur other effect that was growing, so she just save the bottle for herself, and after that explanation, she left the bottle in a table and start licking me and doing nasty things with my tiny body, but meanwhile I was having some kind of sex with my giant girlfriend Nikki entered into the bedroom and steel the bottle, but she was catch up in action by Kelly and try to get her but when Kelly round her with her two hands Nikki laugh and her body started to expand and…. 

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