Kelly was just eating like crazy, tons of people, cars, pieces of houses and building she was eating, meanwhile people down our feets were trying to escape from us but also trying to gain height just to feel what is to be a giant, I saw a couple that were having sex like wild animals before that man react her girlfriend just grew up like six time his size and eat him stopping at 50 feets It was just so exciting and hot to see all those people having sex, growing and eating just to grow some feets tall so I catch up a woman that was like 30 feets tall and start licking her tiny pussy to make her moan It was strange to lick a pussy so small but was hot, after some minutes I introduce her some os my sperm so she could grew some feets more, she grew up to 70 feets and before she tried to escape from my hand I put her into Kelly''s pussy and push her in. After some hours we though that Kelly was ready to grow up and when we were ready to tell her to grow Caroline appear being making earthquakes with each step of her, I have never saw breats like she had, they where gigantic surely she make them even more bigger than a hill that where near her, she was 5000 feets tall, she catched up Nikki and before she try to eat her a very very strong earthquake started and a voice so powerfull and loud that was like a girl moaning pretified me and also get me more horny, I turn back and saw my Kelly, yes, my girlfriend who was just my same height few minutes ago was growing, her body expansion was destroying big part of the city even the tallest building of the city was just a little toy near her, in a few minutes her size more than ten or more times her old size of 400 feets, she grew and grew we needed to run from her before her body crush us with all that flesh, after we were like 10 miles from her we saw her entire body perfectly, her mega goddess breats where gigantic even I think we are just the size of her nipples, we realize that we just gived to much things to eat to Kelly and we not calculated how much she would grow... another earthquake... Kelly stopped growing and stand up... she was just gaining more and more altitude before she stopped standing up reaching a mega height of 15 miles!... She looked us down and smile, she says: "Hello there, insignificant "giant people" hahahaha look at this boobs, even with my nipples I have the power to crush you, Ouh! look this mega gigantic pussy it´s so soft and wet I need more pleasure right now!!" Her voice could be heard houndreds of miles around, we were very scared, my girlfriend transform into a evil mega goddes giantess, she just move one of her feet and crush thousands of buildings, she just make some steps and get over a mountain and put the top of that mountain into her pussy and start masturbating herself with that mountain, making the other mountains around to colapse and fall down into the destroyed city, we saw her moaning for more than 2 hours and for our surprise after she stopped masturbating she stand up and we realize that she even grew more! she was now 17 miles, and after she examinate her entire body being so happy to have the most perfect breasts, nipples, pussy and body of the hole world, she looked down to us again and says: "All of you just make a big mistake choosing me to be bigger than all of you, I will grow so much that even I will finally eat the entire earth, I just want that my breasts grow more, now for me their are too little I want them five times bigger, now I will sleep some hours and meanwhile I want you four to introduce more things thru my mouth, pussy or ass to make me bigger when I woke up, but before I grow I want Caroline, Nikki and Keila make Rob a giant so I coudl play with him like my personal sexual toy.. so start now giving him all kind of thing to eat!!!, now don''t disturb my dreams, tommorrow I will think about what to do with you girls hehehehe"....

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Salut tout le monde ! Oui je vais bien minigest, et toi ? :PUn joyeux Noël à tous !!

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Hey dood ca va?

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Bonjour, et au revoir ;)

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