Before we enter the house we checked out if someone can be there but they were not, so we enter to the house with some difficulties because our huge bodies, she being 12 feet tall and me 10, we reach up the kitchen and start eating like crazy. I don’t know why but I was eating very slow but Kelly was a like eating like 1 kilogram of something per minute she was wild in eating terms; after a few hours we just ate it all in the house, but before we get some pleasure to grow up we heard a very loud noise of something passing near the house like steps, we went outside and saw a gigantic Caroline, she was 60 feets tall, she was just destroying all at her path, I noticed that she had a person in her right hand and I saw how she put him into her pussy and started moaning loud and start growing, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66… until 80 feet she stopped and then she ate that poor person, we saw each other with terror, then Kelly says me: “She will never stop growing, I knew that Caroline was evil, she just want to be huge and destroy everything and eat to have more pleasure than before, we must stop her, but it will be very difficult to catch up her, she is growing so fast!”, then i said to her: “Lets go to a supermarket and try to eat there everything then we could pass her in height and control her”, but before we go to the supermarket we were so horny that we started making love and we both grew at the same time but then i noticed that there was a problem, Kelly was growing much more than me, we destroyed all the house, passing the roof with our heads, I stopped in 25 feets but i saw that Kelly don’t have any sign of stopping, 25, 26, 27, 30, 40… 60 feet as tall as Caroline was a few minutes ago, but her growth doesn’t stopped there her breasts were still growing huge, then she stood up destroying the last pieces of the house and she look down to me and says: “Ouuu.. poor.. you are so little there i can squish you between my boobs and use you like a living sexual toy for my pussy hehehe”, that sound nothing good for me, but I know that she was joking, she lift me up and carried me to the supermarket.

People were screaming and running from us, as our huge bodies try to enter into the place, as we did it before we started eating all the food, but then I realize about something, I though: “If this girls and Kelly will never stop growing this person can have a big chance to get crush or eaten, so better I start eating them before Kelly know that iam eating the people that left in the supermarket, so I can have the chance to grow up more than Kelly and try to fuck her as a real giant and not being always little for her”, and so I did, I just catch all the people that was left and eat them all, I though they will be less than five but in the end I ate like 27 persons, I start feeling a very powerful surge of power that was pressing me to grow up soon, that mean that I will be very very huge, but before I grow I will try to eat more food, after some hours we were ready to grow so I started looking for Kelly but she were not there, and then the roof was reaped out and see Kellys face and then her gigantic body and her mega giant boobs, she was like 180 feets tall, three times her last heights! She catch me in her hand and put me between her breast and start massaging her breast, in that I time I just concentrated to masturbated the faster as I can and after a minute I start growing and growing it was fantastic, the pleasure I had was incredible, 26, 27, 30, 40.. grew... 80.. grew more… 130, 140, 160.. after I passed the 200 feets I was still growing like crazy and I stopped in 400 feets!, I look down and see Kelly with a face of terror then I catch her with my giant right hand and I push my gigantic cock into her little pussy (little for me), she started moaning so loud that noise can be heard miles away, she tells me to stop and I stopped, I put her back in the ground and says me: “It was amazing the pleasure I had but you think you are the only between us that can grow into 400 feets? Hell no!” and she start masturbating herself and start growing until she was at the same height as me, we kissed and fell down destroying the supermarket and some houses around crushing many people below our huge perfects bodies, our fluids where making like a tsunami down there where the terrified people were, but then we noticed something, we looked up a girl like the age of Kelly drink some of our fluids and start masturbating herself and start growing!, we were in shock, our fluids can make people to have our power to grow up, but the thing was that only girls have a positive result growing in males was in the other way they just shrunk and shrunk more and more, it was amazing.

We were like to kids looking how some toys grew up and other shrink and start eating food our eating the others, they were not growing as fast as we but the girl looked in the first place she already 15 feets and surely she was helping her girlfriend growing because she was like giving milk from her tits to her friend and in a few minutes they were both the same height and start making love. After all that spectacular show we noticed some miles away two huge girls coming to us, they were Nikki and Stacy surely, they a little more shorter than we but was amazing to see their perfects bodies with huge tits bouncing with each step, we met and they tell us: “We need your help, we must stop Caroline she really is a mega goddess, she is just destroying and eating all at her path even she tried to eat us but we were to big for her mouth, so we just run away from her, she is like 3000 feets tall!, we saw her growing after she ate an entire building, she is just not eating food she is eating buildings, cars, airplanes, everything!” we were in complete silence, meanwhile down in our feets teenage girls of different heights were making love, some of them being like only 10 feets and others being the tallest girls with 40 feets; now in our gigantic doubt of what to do we realize that the only way to stop Caroline is that one of us must eat all kind of thing with the help of the rest and grow huger than Caroline that means to be five or six times her height, we discussed the problem and we concluded that Kelly, so we started looking for all the mini-giant people so Kelly could eat them and all kind of stuff that would pass thru Kelly’s mouth so we did…

Well i will put Part III in a few days more or less... Greeeting Koxadu.

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